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  • TRIP PLANNING: WSR provides its clients with lodging information based on the location of where they want to stay. Many times they are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of staying in town versus Mtn. Village, in Telluride for example. We do the same for many other clients as they’re preparing their trip. This basic information is FREE. 
  • DISCOUNTED SKI & SNOWBOARD RENTALS: WSR has partnered with three local businesses in Telluride that provide top-of-the line demo skis and gear. BootDoctors, Ski Butlers and Black Tie Ski Rentals. When they client book with WSR, they receive an online coupon which they can use at their leisure for them or the entire group.
  • CITY MARKET GROCERY STOP (Private trips only): All private trips that arrive at the Montrose Airport and travel to Telluride include a complimentary 30 minute stop at City Market in Montrose. The client can also take advantage of online grocery shopping with City Market. They can order and pay for their groceries online, swing by and pick them up! They don’t have to deal with the hassle of walking around and picking their own groceries and standing in line at the cash register. NOTE: There is an additional charge if the client wants for us to pick the food up and place it in their fridge before their arrival. 
  • ACTIVITIES IN & AROUND THE REGION Additional information is also provided with regards to additional activities not related to skiing on the mountain. These include: Snowshoeing, rafting, fishing, cross country skiing, horseback riding and more!
  • CHEF SERVICES: Private chef arrangement will prepare a delicious meal of the client’s choice in the privacy of their own restaurant, condo or apartment/house rental. Prices vary depending on menu and number of people
  •  CHEF PRE-PREPARED FOOD & MEALS: A chef will prepare and stock your refrigerator with foods picked by the client. All prepared with and with instructions on how to reheat and serve all meals.
  •  MASSAGE: Massage therapist sessions in the privacy of your own lodging facility.
  • LUGGAGE SHIPPING: Another partnership that WSR has acquired, offers luggage shipping to clients who do not want to travel with tons of extra weight. Cost depends on number of pieces and destination.
  • CHILD & PET SITTING ARRANGEMENTS: These services require more time to prepare for and rates are based on each group and their specific needs. Please call for further information.
  • BIKE SHIPPING: WSR and have partnered to provide their clients with an amazingly convenient way to ship bikes! Visit the Western Slope of Colorado and ride your own bike on some of the most amazing trails this earth has to offer. WSR will receive, assemble and tune your bike and have it ready upon your arrival. When you’re done riding, WSR will break down, pack and ship your bike back to you!